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Imagine Web Creation is a Web + SEO marketing company established in 2006.


Here at Imagine Web Creation we not only design websites, but we create sites that are strong with SEO features. With our vast experience of international marketing here in Hawaii, Japan, and the United States we help grow your business to its full potential.

Our team of bilingual experts not only speak and read dual langues, but understand the culture trends that both the US and Japanese media offer. Here in Hawaii, we have over 1.5 million visitors from Japan, and our economy greatly depends on the Japanese market. We will help your company get your products and services recognized by the Japanese market.

We are the pioneers of Japanese SEO & WEB design here in the US. Japan has a population of 127 million people living in a area roughly the same size as California!  Compared to the diverse U.S keyword trends, Japan has a more centralized market trend you and your company can really focus on.

Here at Imagine Web Creation we strive to minimize the gap between international commerce and trade in the U.S and Japan.

We Specialize in Bilingual SEO and Web Design

Our specialists will grow your site to new global markets
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  • Name: Qyujin Person Corporation
  • Tradename: Imagine Web Creation
  • President: Kanzo, J Nara
  • Established :2006
  • Hawaii Department of Commerce
    • Stocks Issued: 100,000(Capital Stock)
    • Trade Name: QPWANTED
    • Type:Domestic Profit Corporation
    • DCCA Filing:Go To DCCA
  • Trade Bank
    • Central Pacific Bank
  • Contact
    • TEL: 808-343-4040
  • Hours:week day 09:00~18:00
  • Address:1785 S. King Street Suite 7, Honolulu, HI, 96826
  • Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, State and National Holidays



President: Kanzo J Nara

Kanzo Nara was born and raised in Japan. Having a American mother (From Wisconsin) and a Japanese father he was raised in a perfect environment to become a fully bilingual individual. Attending Japanese school provided him the opportunity to learn all the Kanji you need to read and work in Japan. Kanzo also spent a year living in the Soviet Union in the early 90’s. For high school, with plans to go to an American University, he attended a International School, and then moved to the US for college.

Kanzo went to college while working full time at Japanese corporations in Honolulu, San Francisco, and Taipei. While living in San Francisco he was put in charge of west coast marketing. This is where he began to have the ideas he has today for WEB and international marketing.

After returning to Honolulu he incorporated his first company Q.P Corporation, and launched Imagine WEB Creation in 2006.

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