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Japanese Bilingual Website Design

Designing a Japanese bilingual websites is very important for people who want to cater to multiple languages. They are quite common nowadays especially in countries where English is a second language. So what are the points you need to keep in mind while creating a...

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Adaptive Web Design for Japan

When it comes to web design, users are largely accustomed to the ones you see in the western half of the world. Where western designs are simple and subtle, those in the east such as Japanese web designs are the exact opposite – complex and busy. When you look at...

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Japanese WordPress Theme Design

The culture of Japan is reflected in every aspect of its people’s lives. The Japanese believe in simplicity and minimalism. They are also highly meticulous and detail-oriented. Even something trivial such as web design finds a piece of this simplistic culture in it....

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Advertising on Yahoo Japan

Yahoo! Japan is among the leading search engine portals in Japan. Here are a few facts about Yahoo! Japan that all businesses should know: It reaches nearly 81% of all internet users in Japan. It is able to generate about 2.1 billion page views every day (65 billion...

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Google Japan PPC

Marketing is a powerful tool that can make or break a company. Smart marketing can bring in customers, increasing the company’s visibility and revenue. Using Google PPC, you can market your products and services to the right customers, enabling a positive ROI....

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Japanese Web Company in the US

Japan is a major player in the world’s economy. Its advanced technological and scientific contributions have made it a powerful force to reckon with. These advancements have enabled a number of companies to set up shop in Japan and cater to its large populace. Any...

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Make a Japanese Website

Japanese websites are well known for their detailed designs and overload of information. This is not a negative trait because it reflects the culture and sentiment of the Japanese. For a non-Japanese eye, such websites may look like they are all over the place, but it...

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